Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garage Closed for the Season?

Next Swim: 2011?

Last Swim: Saturday (10/30) 1PM
Water Temp: mid 40's
Water Clarity: cloudy
Waves: calm
Crew: Diablo, Capt'n

It appears as if the Lady of the Lake has closed the Garage for the season. It's also appearing less and less likely that Diablo and I will be seeing any swim suit clad women on the beach. Developments that have prompted Dr Diablo to sadly declare the unofficial end to the 2010 swim season. Of course the swim season can only be 'officially' closed by official proclamation by Professor Patriarch along with a celebratory round of Killepitsch. (...stay tuned on this developing event...)

The El Cap-i-tan Toe Test yesterday placed the water temp in the mid to upper 40's. Today was a completely different story. Keeping the toes in the water this morning for more than 10-15 seconds proved to be quite challenging. Upon checking the lake temps website upon writing this blog entry it appears the water temp is around 40. Could the water temp have dropped that much over night? Oh where-o-where is the Patriarch-o-meter???

From here on out for the remainder of 2010 it appears that it'll be nothing but viking swims for the Klode Kru. Stay tuned for more details...

PS. Congratulations to Sonofkahuna who led his Shorewood High School Cross Country team to the Division 2 State Cross Country Championship Saturday. Story and picture of Sonofkahuna appear in this morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinal sports section.


Gumdrop said...

Yes indeed, the seasons have most definitely changed, now is the time for real cold water swimming!

The Patriarch said...

Last year I proclaimed the end of the season and you guys completely ignored me. However, I'm always up for a shot of Killepitsch. When will you be there?

Gumdrop said...
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Beth said...

Please educate me:

What's a Viking swim?

Gumdrop said...

A Viking swim is a definition invented by Diablo and seconded by El Cap-i-tan to mean a short quick (ideally 1-4 minutes)swim in cold water (about 44 degrees F. and colder) while wearing at most only standard swim trunks and a top (for the ladies), swim caps and goggles.

Gumdrop said...

Anyone up for a full moon viking swim sat or sun?

Gumdrop said...

Diablo and me took our chances with the Lady of the lake under a blue moon, with naught but skin to heat us up. I think she has missed us because she felt like she had a little more bite than usual for this time of year. When we got out though we were rewarded with a great rejuvenating feeling that left us pining for more. With that in mind we our thinking about our annual turkey wetsuit swim (probably Friday),feel free to communicate interest. Some of the talk of the evening was whether or not Captain is now held captive by the memory of his Clearwater ocean swimming. But at least he has not eaten Gumbo.

Gumdrop said...

Diablo and I enjoyed a cold water swim to downspout and back this afternoon with fun 3-4 foot waves. Water and air we guestimated to be in the low forties. Some of the wonderings and observations consisted of the continuing low water levels, and captains lack of physical presence.

Concerning the water levels, we observed that one can now walk on the beach to south south beach, whereas before that beach front was submerged and the water went to the rocks. if this lowering of the water level continues we reckon there will be lost loot to be found. However, appealing this prospect may seem at first, it still saddens us to see the lady of the lake diminished so.

Now on to the Captains lack of physical presence. Where is the Captain? We have not seen him since he flew south, though there has been some communication (surreptitiously?). Did he get lost in a migrating flock of loons heading to warmer waters for the season? Did he meet up with the patriarch in Tennessee to partake in a curiosity (conspiracy?) called gumbo? Or is he secretly a black ring wraith in disguise that has lost his robe while running in Florida (the naked 5K)? These seemed like some of the more plausible theories, feel free to add, vote or comment on these or other theories.

Upon exiting the water we ran into a veteran triwi member who was impressed with our cold water stamina and had many tales of old to tell, all entertaining and interesting. Unfortunately I cant recall the individuals name, (I think me brain was still warming up).

Gumdrop said...

Anyone up for possibly the seasons first snow swim on Saturday?

Gumdrop said...

2 AM total lunar eclipse under a full moon tonight! Wow, all of earths sunrises and sunsets simultaneously reflected off of the moons surface to present an as yet unknown hue to earthly observers!! Totally irresistible!!!