Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whitecap Bay

Next Swim: Sunday 8/29, 1:00PM, Klode

Last Swim: Sat 8/28 1PM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Two Footers, Extremely Choppy
Water Clarity: Varied, clear some places, cloudy others
Crew: Blondie, Padre, Cap'n, Diablo, Crash, Scott, Jeff, John, Brad, Beth, Gwen, Patriarch

Whitecaps covered Whitefish Bay today, making for a rough ride. Waves were only two foot, but they seemed to be coming from every direction, pushing against you one second, swamping you from behind the next. I rarely, if ever, swallow water when I swim, but today I did several times. We were tossed, turned, bleached, blended, knotted, tie dyed, spun, and hung out to dry.

I can't wait to do again tomorrow. See you on the beach!

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