Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Approaching the Century Swim

Next Swim: Thu 8/19 5:45AM

Last Swim: Wed 8/18 5:45AM
Water Temp: 65
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Diablo, Cap'n, Kahuna, Ramrod, Patriarch

Another day of clear calm water. This has been an amazing summer so far, the water has been much warmer, clearer, and calmer than last year. We haven't had a single day of two or more foot waves. It's fun to swim in calm water, but it's fun to play in the waves too, so I hope I'm not jinxing anything by wishing for some wave action.

Coming Events:
Sunday is Pirates Plunge:
There is no transportation from the beach back to the boat launch, so I suggest we meet at Bradford Beach at 6:30 to take the water temp, plan strategy (mine is to hang on to Diablo's feet and have him tow me to shore), and form car pools to the start. Also, we should plan to go to breakfast afterwards. Any suggestions? I know Alterra is nearby, but maybe we want to go somewhere with heartier fare?

Also, next Tuesday evening will be a "Howl at the Full Moon Swim", and if all goes well, it will also be our 100th swim of the season. More than enough reason for a sip or two of our favorite beverage.

To our old friend James: I saw your blog comment. Glad to hear your shoulder is healing. Hope to see you on the beach soon. Bring Jessica and some of the other Schroeder masters with you.


Kahuna said...

See the following link, to see one woman's search for the Big Kahuna: Remember, "Intelligence is Sexy!"

The Patriarch said...

Rule #153 - wait until your wife is not around before you watch any YouTube links sent by Kahuna. Let's just say she didn't see the humor.

Beth said...

Wow, those are quite the PFD's she's got there. I also really enjoyed the comments!