Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Persistant Fog

Next Swim: Thursday 8/12 5:45AM

Last Swim: Wednesday 5:45AM
Water Temp: low 60's
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Diablo, Perry, Linda, Capt'n

Thick fog persisted this morning along the Klode shoreline. Unlike yesterday's fog which hovered just above the water but allowed you to see the tree tops this morning's fog was just the opposite. A faint rumble of a very distant thunder could be heard occasionally but glimpses of blue sky directly above reassured us that the storms were not upon us.

Without the Patriarch-o-meter this morning we were left to measure the water temp via an old fashioned dip of the toes. Not too bad but probably a tad bit too cold to go skin.

Not wanting to risk a sudden change in the weather we swam close to shore. Our journey this morning took us up to the Garage and down to south south beach before returning.

As a side note about this 21 bun salute...just lots of fog and jokes about Gumdrop, The Patriarch and Padre that upon second thought all had a similar theme. :)