Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cap'n Foghorn

Next Swims: Wed & Thu 8/11 & 8/12

Last Swims: Monday 6:30PM, Tuesday 5:45AM
Water Temp: 60
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Very Good
Crew: I'm not sure about Monday night, I wasn't there, but Cap'n said turnout was good.
Tuesday Morning: Kahuna, Cap'n, Diablo, Blondie, Ruth, Greg, Patriarch

It was very foggy this morning, so foggy that those of us the shallows had trouble seeing the swimmers further out. No problem - the Cap'n's evil laugh could probably be heard in Muskegon.

My brother and his family are visiting, so my schedule is a bit uncertain until they leave Saturday morning. But I know the others will carry on if I miss a swim. Especially Diablo, I believe he's been at every single swim!

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