Saturday, July 24, 2010

No "I" in team but there is one in Patriarch

Next Swim: Sunday 7/25 1pm Klode

Last Swim: Sat: 7/24 noon Klode
Water temp: 62
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: still surprisingly clear
Crew: The PatrIarch, Diablo, Beth, Robin, Lane and his daughter, Capt'n

Arrg! After I be readin' this here last blog entry one thing is certainly becomin' apparent...The Patriarch be enjoyin' his grog just a wee bit too much during his retirement. "Wimp"??? Surely he be forgettin' bout all those times his wiskers nearly lept right off his face when he unexpectedly saw his shadow while swimin'! Ha, those be some tales worth tellin' over a pint of grog!!

Alas, we shall save those tales for another time. Today's adventure was a rather pleasant one. Amazingly, the water clarity continued to be unphased by Thursday's big storms. If you're into theories as I possibly explanation for our amazing clarity is that we've been saved by the Conveyor Belt whereby our surface water (including all the storm gunk) has been pushed towards Michigan and the cooler (...and clearer!) water from the bottom of the lake has surfaced on our side. This would explain the cold water temps yesterday depite air temps near 90 under sunny skies.

The water temp today made a remarkable recovery from yesterday. 52 yesterday....62 today with pockets of cooler water & warmer water that tempted you to ditch your wetsuit. Our journey today took us up to the rockwall and back. With tomorrow's forecast calling for sunny skies, warm temps and an east breeze there's a good chance we'll enjoy even warmer water temps than today.....and perhaps even an opportunity for a skin swim.

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