Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Double Dip Days

Next Swims: Tonight Wed 7/14 6:30PM Klode,
Tomorrow morning: Thu 7/15 5 :45AM Klode

Last Swims: Wed 7/14 5:45AM, Tue 6:30PM
Water Temp: Last night 70, this morning 66
Waves: One foot rollers
Water Clarity: Very good, except for some gunky spots near shore
Crew: This morning: Diablo, Cap'n, Blondie, Perry, Mike, Ruth, Patriarch
Last night: by myself, but I ran into a bunch of other people: Walt & Chris, Lane and his daughter, and another couple whose names I don't know.

It's hard to believe that a week ago it was a major struggle to complete even a short swim with full wetsuit, three caps and booties. Now the water is so much warmer, and it's so much more fun to swim without a wetsuit. There's something about the feel of the water on skin that makes me want to swim and swim and swim. We'll be back tonight, and tomorrow morning. Please join us.

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Gumdrop said...

Will I need my vampire repellent for the evening swim??