Saturday, July 24, 2010

Keeping the Streak Alive

Next Swim: Sat 7/24 noon Klode

Last Swim: Fri: 7/23 6:30PM Klode
Water temp: 54
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: surprisingly clear, I would have expected murky water after the storm
Crew: Cap', Diablo, Robin, Patriarch

Thursday night's deluge marooned me at my mom's nursing home until almost midnight, and when I finally made it home I was greeted with six inches of water in my basement. So with a huge mess to clean up, I didn't go to the beach Friday morning.

But I figured I could count on Cap'n and Diablo to take command and keep our swim streak alive. Alas, I expected too much. They showed up at the beach, but they didn't swim! Wimps! Apparently they are lost without me.

A hero was needed, and (humbly) yours truly stepped to the plate. After spending all day hauling and cleaning and scrubbing, I dragged my sorry aching butt down to the beach, enduring biting flies and cold water to show Cap'n and Diablo how it's done. Did they appreciate this? Of course not.

Note: Their version of this tale might differ in a few insignificant details, but there's no way they could spin this to make it anything other than me being a hero and them being wimps.

The good news: I would have thought that the water would have been full of gunk from the storm, but although there was some gunk right near shore, out just a bit it was amazingly clear.

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