Saturday, May 23, 2020


Last Swim: Saturday May 23rd - high noon
Water Temp: 56
Air Temp: 60 & foggy
Water Clarity:  Mysteriously Murky...possibly due to the fog
Waves: Rippled with slight current from NE
Kru: Diablo, Itch, Mr. Anonymous, Linda the Lampre, Neo, Capt'n with Celebrity Guest pre-swim pep talk from Kahuna

Traditionally Memorial Day Weekend would mark the Klode Kru's first official swim for the season in Lake Michigan.  Complete with an official proclamation and wave of the hand by none other than The Patriarch himself!  Ahhh, I remember those days.  When swimming in the lake when the temp was below 60 was "F---ing STUPID!!" to quote one of The Patriarch's all time most popular remarks.

Wow, have we evolved since those times!  Now 60 has become the magical threshold whereby by you're shamed if you don't ditch your wetsuit.  Of course my all-time favorite counter argument quote to an attempted shaming was "...what, are you afraid I might be too warm in lake Michigan?  Is that even possible!??!"  Yes, that classic quote came from none other than The Patriarch as well.

Now we have the Badass Klode Kru club who has made swimming in the lake a year round activity.  So if a swim season never ends can it really have another beginning?

Which reminds me....before I forget....If it hasn't been mentioned in a previous blog entry, special kudos to Diablo, Itch, Mr. Anonymous and Brick (...I think that's what newcomer Erik goes by these days...) for swimming in the lake weekly over the winter!  AMAZING!!

Sticking with Tradition, though, I logged my first swim of the season year in the lake today.  Not quite the same without an Official Proclamation from The Patriarch....but the weekend is still young....and we are now in the Virtual Era, so anything is possible....right?


Joseph Steinke said...

Hello. I’m curious if I might join your Klode Kru for a swim. If so, what are your weekly scheduled mtg times. Joe Steinke

Mr. Bubble said...

Noon again today? That's my plan

Kahuna said...

Yah, hey dere. Nothing's official anymore but noon is when I will be there. Good solid group numbers yesterday, May 16? Bit a sausagefest though. Where's the hardy Showgirl, or WeTactical? Joe, hope you can come swim with us today, or some other day. Newcomers always welcome. Meet at the flag pole at the East end of the Klode Park parking lot at noon, if you want to walk down with us today. Weekend swims are usually at noon (though that can vary).66 During the week swims are usually at 6 a.m., and 6 p.m. (though that can very). Watch the front page of the blog for announced times. Hope to see you there.

Kahuna said...

Should have been "maybe 16 swimmers."