Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Daily Double

Next swim: Wednesday 6am
Last Swim: Tuesday 4:30 pm

Air temp: ~80 degrees, sunny, cooling as the sun got further down
Water temp: 61 per itch-o-meter
Clarity: Pretty good, 2 or 3/10.  Zebra mussels are essential workers
Waves: 8" swells at regular intervals
Kru:  Itch, Brick and Mr. Bubble

Another milestone for 2020!  First time this year there's been a sunrise and evening shift at Klode.  It certainly looked like summer down at the beach this evening.  Quite a few teenagers/20 somethings playing in the water, jumping off the rocks.  61 degrees on the itch-o-meter seemed to good to be true.  Of course, as Itch cautioned, that's just the temp by the shore - probably colder further out.  True dat.  

We all know, Wisconsin weather at the end of May can be a little bi-polar.  Earlier today, Magic Mike reported "This morning was at once a harbinger of summer and a reminder that we are still hanging onto spring...Rachel had a thermometer that did not reach 50 degrees".  Much higher turnout this morning though - looked like a beautiful first sunrise swim 🌞

Weather for 6 am tomorrow looking good - 63, partly cloudy, calm winds.
Weather for tomorrow evening is warmer but 30%-40% chance of rain.  

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