Sunday, May 25, 2014

Strip-n-Dip Season Opening Swim

Next Swim:  Monday (Memorial Day) May 26th @ 11am

Last Swim:  Sunday May 25th @ 1pm

Swim Conditions:
   Water Temp:  57.2+  (warmer away from the rock piles)
   Air Temp:  71 & sunny with light wind from SE
   Waves:  light chop from south
   Clarity: crystal clear with frequent little fish sightings
   Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Neo, Riptide, Zoom-Zoom, Capt'n with special guest appearances by Scooby & Eye Candy and Zoom-Megan
   Suit Count:   5
   Skin Count: 2
   Pitsch Count: 6

Wow...after the winter and spring we've had who would have predicted season opening conditions like this!?!?  If you would have asked me in March I wouldn't have been shocked to see icebergs still floating in the bay and today's swim akin to more of a polar bear plunge than a full fledged swim.

For the record, today's water temp was 5 degrees warmer than last years season opening swim.  The water temp registered 57.2 on the Captn-o-meter and 13.8C on the Scientific-o-meter.  All Kru members noted though that the coldest water was at our launch site with the water along our route south to the Silver Spring downspout feeling at least a few degrees warmer.  (60+?)  Perhaps the only downsides to today's swim were the slightly choppy waves and occasional patches of floating debris.  (weeds?)

Following our initial swim all Kru members performed the "Strip-n-dip" ritual whereby we shed our wetsuits and ventured out for a skin swim.  Both Diablo and I completed the quarter mile swim to Picnic table and back to log the seasons first official skin swims.  To celebrate our most excellent Season Opening swim the Kru enjoyed a round of Pitsch...highlighted by Kahuna's unique technique that can best be likened to someone who has never had a shot of Pitsch before.  (Obviously Kahuna must not have practiced much over the long winter months.)

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