Monday, May 26, 2014


Next Swim:  TBD  (next weekend?  Post a date/time if you're interested)

Last Swim:  Monday May 26th @ 11am

      Water Temp:  49.4 Captn-o-Meter / 48 Kahun-o-meter
      Air Temp:  74 & Sunny
      Waves:  rippled surface
      Clarity:  Crystal Clear with occasional little fish sightings
      Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, David, Ele, Nick, Capt'n with special guest appearances by Nivens McTwisp & Blackstone and Gigi
      Suit Count: 6
      Skin Count: 1
      Pitsch Count: 7

With a humid air temp firmly in 70's, an overnight low that was on the plus side of sixty and a very gentle southwesterly breeze the conditions looked favorable for even better swim conditions than yesterday....or so we thought.  If it's one thing we've learned over the years, "never try and predict the lake temp"....especially when you're close enough for the Lady of the Lake to hear you!

While most of us were expecting to enjoy water temps in the neighborhood of 60 we were all shocked by our initial reading of 53 by the south rock piles.  Of course we were even more shocked when we encountered the 48 degree water while venturing out on today's swim adventure.  Still, Diablo persisted and logged a skin swim to garage and back while a few others logged a Cedar Grove swim.

No plans have been set yet for our next swim.  Rest assured there will definitely be mid-day swims next Saturday and Sunday.  If you have a preferred time, or if you're interested in swimming this week please post a comment.


Waterbug08 said...

Hi1 I would be able to swim any time 2pm of after this week, and next week im up for anything!

Geoffrey Bergmann said...

I'm going to swim on Friday the 30th at 6:15 AM if anyone wants to join.

Showgirl said...

Sunday any time 11am - 3pm ?

Waterbug08 said...

Sunday after 130?

Sketch said...

Saturday swim at 1:00pm- any takers?

Alba Calderon said...

I'd be up for a swim on Saturday or Sunday this week- have a new wet suit i want to try before a last minute entry for a tri next weekend :)

Andy said...

I'll be there Sat @ 1pm.