Friday, May 30, 2014

Improving Conditions...May 31st Swim Plan

Next Swims:
   Saturday May 31st @ 1pm
   Sunday June 1st @ TBD

Current Conditions - May 30th @ 5pm
   Water Temp:  56.1+ (60ish north of north rock pile)
   Air Temp:  64 & Sunny
   Waves:  none
   Clarity: crystal clear with 100's of little fish near to shore

Avast ye Maties!  Well blow me down!  It be a sure sign that summer be upon us when dar be a sighten' of The Patriarch near to the Klode shores.  I fool ye not....low an behold as I was pullin' up anchor from the Klode parkin' lot in sails The Patriarch... gloatin' bout his adventures that included swabbing the poop deck of some fine young lasses, scorin' the motherload and even offering advice fer one of our fellow Kru mates (...who will remain nameless for now...) "thinks he be ready to sail a beauty, ye better be willin' to sink with her!"  Ah indeed...classic Patriarch...who by the way is on the record for being officially in fer tomorrow's swim.

Here are the Klode Kru results from last night's Aquathon Race #1 at Menomonee Park:

Water Temp:  73.4+
Air Temp:  72 & sunny
Waves:  none

Matt "Kung Fu's Hubby"Ammman34:13:00215:020:4118:31
Larry "The Legend"Lanza35:15:00315:520:3818:46
Bryan "Riptide"Hermus37:14:00816:361:0019:38
Ted  "Capt'n"Shue37:57:001118:370:4518:35
"Sir" JamesBiles38:38:001313:450:3324:21:00
Matthew  "Sketch"Twieg42:12:002320:170:5121:05

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