Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Otra Vez

Next Swims: Mon - Fri @  5:30 pm,
Saturday/Sunday @ Noon

Last Swim: Tuesday, 10/8 @ 5:30 pm
Water Temp: 56 foot-0-meter
Air Temp: 60 and mild without a cloud in the sky, light wind
Waves: 8" - 12" swells at regular intervals
Clarity: Pretty good  3-4/10
Kru: Mr. Bubble, Handyman Hank, Synchro

Synchro's first swim after returning from CA.  Hank actually drove a car to Klode.  But otherwise, things very much the same today as yesterday - sunny, cloudless sky, consistent water temps, relatively clear water.    

Made a symbolic toast without the K-Pitsch - best swim of the season since Synchro got back.  

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