Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ohhhhh Poncho......

Next Swims: Sunday and Monday, noon

Last Swim: Saturday noon
Water: 55  with chop out of the south
Clarity: none
Crew: Drangonfly, We'Taco, Panini, Showgirl, Diablo, Itch, Gumdrop er... Icecube
Skin/Suit: 2/5

What a difference a few degrees can make.  Plus sunshine.The beach was sunny and beautiful. The water is gradually getting warmer.  Most of us suited up, and we all swam south into the chop to picnic table. It was a lovely swim.

So the garment of the summer appears to be the swim poncho, aka changing poncho. It allows you to change out of your wet swim clothes without the risk of flashing everyone at the beach.  First Itch had one. With the hood up he looked a bit like a bearded grim reaper.  Now Drangonfly has one. I'm going to do a beach towel refashion and make my own.

p.s. post to the comments if you know the origins of the subject line

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