Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ohhhhh Cisco

Next Swim: Monday, Memorial Day, noon

Last Swim: Sunday May 28th noon
Water: 51 calm and murky - stirred up from recent storms
Swimmers: Panini, Drangonfly, Itch, Showgirl, Diablo (skin!)
Observers: Patriarch, Scott, Phoenix, Wet Taco

Showgirl was upset that nobody (besides me) got her "Ohhh Poncho" remark in her blog post yesterday.  She was referring, of course, to the old TV show "The Cisco Kid".  Sorry Showgirl but only a person of "a certain age" would remember that.

Showgirl also said something about a monokini, I'm not sure what that is, not sure I want to know.  But I would not be surprised to see her show up at the beach Monday in a sombrero, poncho and monokini.  Ohhhh Pancho!  Ohhhhh Cisco!

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