Saturday, April 1, 2017

Klode Cru Lake Michigan 2017 Swim Season Open!

Last Swim: Saturday April 1st, 2017
Water: Clear Calm 75 degrees

Swimming on April 1st!  Unbelievable!  A warm sunny day and clear calm water made for a perfect day of swimming.  Well almost perfect.   An annoying guy on a jet ski tried to ruin the fun, but Crash decked him with a right cross and a knee to the groin.

After the swim we enjoyed cocktails in the new Klode Hot Tub Tiki Bar, compliments of the generous tax payers of Whitefish Bay.  Thank you!

Those of you who swam with us today please share your experience of this incredible swim by adding a comment.

See you on the beach!


Gumdrop said...

As the Lady whispered come hither and presented such fine gifts of frolicking mermaids and intoxicating sun, surely this must be a sign of an awesome season to come!

RussJ said...

Given the 40 degree water temperature and deluge of runoff from the recent rains, I was sure you guys would have made the crossing yestetday. All the best!

crash said...

That swim was worth every bit of discomfort I'm experiencing in my bruised knuckles today.

Kahuna said...