Thursday, April 20, 2017

Earliest Opening Day Ever!

Next Swim: TBD

Last Swim:  Tuesday April 18th 6PM
Water: 48, 2 ft waves, very rough
Air: cold cloudy and blustery
Swimmers: Gumdrop, Itch
Spectators:  Panini, Kahuna, Phoenix, Showgirl, Patriarch

Even though the water was much warmer than might be expected from looking at the web or looking at the calendar, it was hardly a great day for a swim.   This did not stop Gumdrop who did a loop inside the rockpiles (skin!).  Or Itch who donned his wetsuit for a cruise to "picnic table" (another one of many non-sensical landmark names - the picnic table that was once there succumbed to the elements long ago).

Luckily for Kahuna and I, none of the ladies ventured forth, which of course would have called our manhood into question if we had not followed.

After the swimmers returned to the beach we of course celebrated the opening of the season with our favorite beverage.

The dot out there is Itch.

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