Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lake Michigan: Your Year Around Swim Destination

Next Swim:  Saturday?

Last Swim:  Tuesday November 22nd 2PM
Water: 39!! Choppy and Murky

Crew:  Diablo, Itch, while I took pictures from shore

So the weather is wintery and the water temp has fallen into the 30s, so I assumed, as I think any reasonable person would, swim season was over.  The key word being "reasonable".  I ran into Diablo today and he told me he and Itch were swimming at two.  I thought he was joking but for once he was not.  Photographic proof below.  (If you look closely you will see that they swam in opposite directions.  I didn't ask why, just one more unexplainable Kru phenomenon.)

So the water temperature can only go down a few more degrees to 32, so I figure what the heck, let's just swim all year!  Drill through the ice, if necessary.  Are you with us?!  (Not actually me I am using the rhetorical "us", I mean Itch and Diablo and whoever else is completely nuts.  My job will be to point out where to chip the bodies out of the ice)


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Looks awesome, was hoping to join in a Turkey Day swim but I have a slight bronchial disturbance, not sailing either!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone"

Wytosk said...

I 'swam' on thursday - ouch. But I just went for the forst of many swims in Tulum and I may never return.

Mark MeyerRD said...

I ran by Klode last night and they were still working on the wall!

Gumdrop said...

That'll keep those krazy Klode riffraff out.

Waterbug08 said...

Swam 11/26- approx 40 degree water and air- crystal clear- stunning
will continue to go until it freezes over- then ill get my ax =)


jamie said...
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