Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A good day in November

Next Swim: Wednesday November 2nd 5:30PM

Last Swim: Tuesday November 1st 5:30 PM
Water: 55 calm murky
Crew: Itch (skin), Gumdrop, Patriarch

Here are words I never thought I'd write: I swam in Lake Michigan in November and enjoyed it.

Oh my God, Addison Russell just hit a grand slam!  If the Cubs hang on maybe tomorrow there will more words that haven't been written in over a century.


Unknown said...

Do you know of any swimmers whom might be interested in open water swimming in Lake Michigan out of Calumet Park beach?
I'm trying to organize a group of swimmers at this location and get permission to swim off season and without lifeguards.
There's easy parking here as well.

I've already sent an initial inquiry to the 10 th ward alderman, but I doubt if permission will be granted without a group of swimmers interested in swimming at this beach.
Alderman Garza has responded that the Chicago Park District is the department to work with and also that she'd try and help.

Patriarch said...

Hi Julie. Our group is a long way from Calumet. But we are always interested in all things with Lake Michigan open water swimming. Let us know if you're successful in your quest. Maybe one day we can make a field trip down there. Especially in Spring when the water is 20 degrees warmer down there in the southern lake.