Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm a (double) loser

Next Swim: Wed Oct 21st 5:30PM

Last Swim: Tue Oct 20th 5:30PM
Water Temp: 56
Waves: Small Rollers
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Whatszhizname, Diablo, Itch
Wetsuit/Skin: 1/2
Pitsch: 0, but in it's place Itch brought some vile awful tasting substitute

Of all the love I have won or have lost,
There is one love I should never have crossed.
She was a girl in a million my friend,
I should have known she would win in the end.
I'm a loser
(Lennon & McCartney)

Today I got my comeuppance for calling people losers for showing up on the beach but not swimming. Today was my turn to be the loser. Not only did I not swim, I forgot to bring the Pitsch.  I paid big time. If scorn and humiliation were not enough, I was forced to choke down some Czechosolvackian  foul smelling terrible tasting concoction that's been rattling around in the back of Itch's Jetta since 1985.  I am writing this two hours later and I still can't get the aftertaste out of my mouth.  Yuch!  

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