Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting slapped around....for FREE!

Next Swims:
   Sunday June 28th @ 1pm
   Monday June 29th @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Saturday June 27th @ 1pm
      Water Temp: 62
      Air Temp: 68 & Sunny
      Waves: Light to Moderate Chop
      Clarity: clearing further from shore you swam
      Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Capt'n with special guest appearance by Showgirl
      Suit / Skin Count:  0 / 4
      Pitsch Count:  5

Quote of the Day:  Upon reaching Garage after about 20 minutes of fighting a moderately fierce chop Kahuna stood up and proclaimed... "Boy, in Vegas you'd have to pay extra to get slapped around like this!"  Unfortunately...though...due to an obscure legal statue the remainder of this story is protected under Capt'n / Crew member confidentiality restrictions.  ;)

Here are some pics from today's most excellent swim adventure:

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Bryan Cerro said...

This is an awesome blog! Where does the group normally meet, I might have to join up!