Friday, June 12, 2015

Chicken & Ribs & Beer & Ice Cream!

Next Swim: Saturday June 13th noon at Atwater Beach, meet at the flag pole in Atwater Park (the east end of Capitol Drive)  If permissions permit we will do a "Shipwreck Swim" out to the wreck of the Appomattox, about a quarter mile off shore.

Last Swim: Thursday June 11th 6AM
Water Temp: 53
Waves:  Disorganized
Crew: Jason, Mr. Anonymous, Diablo
Westsuit/Skin: 2/1

Saturday is the excellent Shorewood Men's Club Barbecue at Atwater Park, so as has been our custom we'll meet for a swim followed (optionally) by barbecue.  Tickets can be purchased from Kahuna.  Half chicken dinners are $10.50, half rack of ribs is $13.  Includes all the fixings.  Beer and Ice Cream available for purchase.  Good stuff!

If the water is warm enough and clear enough and calm enough, we'll swim out to the wreck, an amazing sight if you've never seen it.  Pictures and more info here:

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