Friday, April 3, 2015

Pre-Season Pizza Night?

Even though it's barely spring I am anxious to get the season started.  I've been swimming frequently at the Y and it feels great.  I got so carried away the other day that I stopped by Emery's and bought a new wetsuit.  Fired up and ready to go!   Well OK, maybe not so fired up that I'm going to challenge the current thirty-something degree water but maybe the next best thing.

How about a pre-season pizza night?  I'm pretty flexible on date/place.  We could return to one of our favorites like Lisa's or Pizza Kitchen or try something new like Sprecher's in Bayshore (I've been there, it's pretty good and great beer).

Anyhow, it would be fun to see the gang again, especially before they start smelling like dying alewives. If you're interested please comment, and feel free to suggest date and place.  I don't know if anyone reads this blog this time of year, so I'll send out an email too, at least to the few whose email addresses I have.

Ready to Plunge.  Ho Ho Ho

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Gumdrop said...

Arrg, the song has been sung, now to find 9 of 8.