Monday, April 6, 2015

Pirates Pre-Season Pub Night

Friday April 10th 6PM Three Lions Pub (Oakland at Kensington in Shorewood)

I'm not expecting a big crowd, I made reservations for ten.  So if you're not part of the group that already RSVPed via email, please email or call or leave a comment on this blog, so that I can let them know more people are coming.

Although my last blog post about a pre-season outing garnered a tepid response, I got a much more enthusiastic reaction on email and it seems Friday is good.

Unfortunately I made a major mistake when I scheduled this.  As Gelaney will tell you, husbands never learn.  As it happens Friday is our 44th wedding anniversary and we usually go out for a nice dinner.  Believe it or not, in Gelaney's eyes a fish fry with the swim group is not a romantic evening.  I suggested that we could celebrate our anniversary on Saturday instead of Friday, however in Gelaney's eyes she is now playing second fiddle to the swim group.  I tried to backtrack and told her I would try to find a different day for the swim group, but it's too late, the damage has been done, I am dog meat, burnt toast, shark bait.  I'm telling you all this not because I think the husbands among you will learn anything from it, but just so you know why I will be crying in my beer on Friday.

I should have known better.
With my tail between my legs,
Humbled Patriarch


Mary De Young said...

I plan on coming.
Mary of Scot

CHB said...

Sadly dark and stormy were in Sedona mountain biking and missed this outing. Will there be another?

queenofcurryland said...

queenofcurryland said...

Gumdrop said...

Last swim, Mayday

Water temp, 51 f.

Waves, slight push n roll to the north

She was nice and warm and moving gracefully.