Sunday, January 1, 2017



Kahuna said...

2017 Swimming in Lake Michigan: It's Going to be Epic!

Gumdrop said...

What do you mean? Do you wish me a happy new year, or mean that it is a happy new year whether I want it or not; or that you feel its a happy new year; or that it is a year to be happy?

P.S. Hope all enjoyed their plunge, if so inclined.

Kahuna said...

If you missed the Around the Corner episode featuring the Kru that was broadcast on MPTV, it's now available on Youtube at this link: As usual, Ted did a stellar job of being a great ambassador for our beloved Lake (and, most importantly, he managed to do it without resorting to a German Accent)! I just wish they'd have taped the piece at some other time, so other regulars (especially the Patriarch and more of the women) could have been in it.