Friday, May 20, 2016

Let's Go Swimming!

Next Swim: Saturday May 21st 11AM

Last Swim:  Too long ago to remember

The lake is warming up rapidly.  The maps show the water temp edging toward 50.  But I did not expect the text I got from Itch:   a picture of the beach, the water dead calm and the message "55 and crystal clear".  Now Itch is not a man to be trusted, his mental state at any given moment is questionable and he is still in deep depression after being stood up at the altar by Showgirl.

But in this case I choose to believe him, even if it's only wishful thing because I'm anxious to plunge into the cool embrace of Lady Lake.  So Itch and I are going to give it a go 11AM tomorrow.  Join us if you dare. Or if you're a lunatic.

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