Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pirates Pizza Night Thursday Nov 13th 6:30PM at Lisa's

Come and celebrate the end of the swim season with us.  Reserve your spot by texting Capt'n or leaving a comment on this blog.  Hope to see you there!

Lisa's Pizzeria is at 2961 N Oakland Ave, a half block north of Locust


Anonymous said...

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Showgirl said...

HAHAHA! I can confirm everything the above blogger says! LOL. Now if only he would show up for pizza Thursday night...

Gumdrop said...

I'd pay for tickets.

Showgirl said...

I hope to see you all at this event:

Yes, even you, American-woman-hater. :)

Kahuna said...

Friends, just in case you don't use Facebook, and Showgirl's link above doesn't help you, below are the details re Santa Rampage 2014. This is a fairly unorthodox, disorganized event, but it never fails to spread a good deal of holiday cheer. Goofy, non-competitive fun, with no other higher purpose. Don't let the word "Rampage" fool you into thinking this is somehow a "tough" or competitive ride. Its a very social ride. You don't need a Santa costume to participate (any x-mas or winter-themed outfit will do, or just a Santa hat is fine). If you want to buy a Santa costume, they are available on line for about $20. Creativity in costumes is a part of the fun of the day, but is not required. Group costumes a plus. While there are probably more women than men who do the ride, there are a large number of women who do the ride. Women are encouraged to join in, even if they don't dress up like Santa, or adult-themed Mrs. Santa.

Via Mike Eitel and Rampage Santa at the Milwaukee Santa Rampage 2014 Facebook page [with added commentary at from Sheboygan Santa:

HO HO HO! Yes, the elves have gotten back to Santa with a date and set his itinerary for the day... Santa will be spreading merriment on his cycle on Saturday, Dec 6th. Santa recommends people start their pre-ride festivities at the location of their choice anytime that morning. [Sheboygan Santa: Eastsiders, that means Cafe Hollander on Downer at about 9:00 a.m.] Santa would like to remind people to be courteous, be responsible, and above all-- to ride safely! This is an unofficial, unsponsored event and he hopes the spirit remains positive and healthy! [It is unofficial and unsponsored, because no one wants to impose/enforce any rules on the event, or accept the potential liability associated with it.]

Santa's schedule for the day is posted below:


9:00 AM -- Santa meets with elves at his favorite pre-ride feeding holes [Sheboygan Santa: Eastsiders, that means Cafe Hollander on Downer.]

10:30-11:30 -- Meet at Lakefront Brewery [Sheboygan Santa: AND DANCE YOU SANTAS, DANCE]

12:00-1:30 -- Tour of Great Lakes Distillery and sample from food trucks [Sheboygan Santa: Santas in the know, know to skip the distillery, and go directly across the street to Conejito's, to the back room, for a great lunch with a Margarita or two.]

2:30-4:00 PM -- Enjoy the afternoon at either Cafe Centraal if heading south, or Kochanski's Concertina bar if heading west. [Sheboygan Santa: Kochanski's, first, AND EVERYBODY POLKA! Then, if there is time on the way home, stop at Cafe Centraal]. Many elves of course will populate Milwaukee's abundance of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues downtown, on the east side, and in river west.

Santa and his elves would also love for folks to celebrate and create their own itineraries on Rampage Santa day... The more Santa's on the road the better!

Thank you Mike and Rampage Santa for getting this scheduled!

Kahuna said...

I meant in the above comment that there are more men than women who do the ride, but there are still a lot of women who participate. I don't want to over sell the Santa Rampage (individual results may vary), but to get some idea of what others think of the event, see this yelp review webpage relating to the event: And here's a link to a pic of Sheboygan Santa, circa 2012:

Showgirl said...

Here's a video from last year's event, and Kahuna has a cameo right around the 2:40 mark!

Andy said...

I can't access vimeo at work, but wish to add that this event is very inclusive. Celebrating Xmas, or believing in Santa is not required. In fact, every year one guy where's a dreidel costume. Also, one of my friend's went as The Flying Spaghetti Monster, of Pastafarianism.

My favorite, though, is Jesus smoking a cigarette inside GLD.

I'm looking forward to talking about the boycottamericanwomen guy. What will he show up as?

Kahuna said...

As a huge dick.

Fyi, so far I have heard Andy is in, Showgirl is in, Patriarch sounds like he's in . . . who else is in?

Somebody offer Cap'n a beat up mountain bike, so he doesn't have an excuse for not riding.

Kahuna said...

I hate men.
I can't abide 'em even now and then.
Than ever marry one of them, I'd rest a maiden rather,
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Of course, I'm awfully glad that Mother had to marry Father,
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He may have hair upon his chest but, sister, so has Lassie.
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I hate men.
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Avoid the trav'ling salesman though a tempting
Tom he may be,
For on your wedding night he may be off to far Araby,
While he's away in Mandalay is thee who have the baby,
Oh I hate men.
If thou shouldst wed a businessman, be wary, oh, be wary.
He'll tell you he's detained in town on business necessary,
His bus'ness is the bus'ness with his pretty secretary,
Oh I hate men!
I hate men
Though roosters they, I will not play the hen.
If you espouse and older man through girlish optimism,
He'll always stay at home at night and make no criticism,
Though you may call it love, the doctors call it rheumatism.
Oh, I hate men.
From all I've read, alone in bed, from A to Zed, about 'em.
Since love is blind, then from the mind, all womankind should rout 'em,
But, ladies, you must answer too, what would we do without 'em?
Still, I hate men!
[From Kiss Me Kate, by Cole Porter]

Showgirl said...

Hmm. I cannot begin to address Kahuna's ode to man hating, but I will say that Panini, my friends Rhonda and Barb, and I will be donning our santa suits and santa skirts (me) and riding around Milwaukee on Saturday.

And with any luck, putting on the red suit, plus a few beers, will mellow my good friend Mr. BoycottAmericanWwomen and we can find some common ground.

Kahuna said...

Good seeing at today's Santa Rampage Ride Cap'n, Crash, Showgirl, Panini, Gum Drop and Andy, but no Patriarch! I polkaed with Showgirl, I waltzed with Crash, but the trio never played a Bollywood show tune such that I could bust out my Bengali dance moves with Panini. There are pictures out there somewhere, but I'm not going to try to post.

Showgirl said...

YES! A great time was had by all. Kahuna and his deer carcass are both featured in the of the event.

Patriarch said...

Sorry I missed all the fun. But as it turns out I had two other events that day. A holiday party at my mom's nursing home, and the Nordic Ski Club holiday party. An old man can only stand so much fun. Patriarch

Kahuna said...

Is it too early to start talking about the Polar Burrrr Plunge?

Gumdrop said...

Well, I've seen a Milwaukee running group already has 6 people signed up for the polar plunge at Bradford. Seems like a shame to be out done by a bunch of newbies. I think we should make a good showing and teach them how to do it up right with Kilapitch on hand and some Klode crazies walking the plank!:) ARRRRG!!! What say yous?

Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gumdrop said...

Date / Time: 12 noon Thursday December 25, 2014
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: around 40
Air Temp: around 40
Waves: None
Clarity: crystal clear

50 meter swim felt good and invigorating, the polar bear swim should be easy this year.

Neo said...

Just finished up a .75 mile swim in the Pacific in Avila Beach, CA. Water was in the upper 50s and calm. It was beautiful. There's nothing like a nice open water skin swim this time of year.

Neo said...

Another Pacific swim today. This time from Santa Monica. Water was great, probably low 60s. There were 10+ foot breakers near the beach, but just a little chop past the breakers. I'll be returning home to reality tomorrow, but has been great to get a couple of January swims in (and not in the Gumdrop style).

Gumdrop said...

Cali swimming is great. I took a swim in Aquatic Bay, just off from Alcatraz in mid Dec. As it is they wouldn't let me swim to Alcatraz as it is a shipping lane area and is only shut down for special events. The couple swim clubs there have great facilities including a; boat dock, sauna, full bar and kitchen. I think we need to step it up a notch or two. That being said, can hardly wait till my broken collar heals so I can get in the drink again :).

Kahuna said...

How'd you break your collar bone? Or should we have a contest, whereby the person who comes up with the best explanation/story as to how Gum Drop broke his collar bone wins a bottle of Pitch? Winner to be announced at the next Pirate Pizza Night? Maybe in March, after the Birkie? That, and I'm kind of tired of looking at the post from Nov. 11th, and Mr. Boycott's comment. Can't we get a new post and picture, maybe one showing the Cap'n holding a big sausage?

Gumdrop said...

Swimming with willy?

Kahuna said...

Birkie report:
Kahuna 4:16:35
Erin Feldhausen 4:10:15
No Gumdrop (due to Free Willy Injury?)
No Patriarch (not sure what the story is there)

Mitch_Ti said...

Hi fellow open water swimmers. Just thought I would remind everyone that the Big Shoulders swim entry opens tomorrow at noon. If you think it's to early to think about swimming I included this link to show how close we are to getting back into the lake.



Steve said...

And now Big Shoulders is almost sold out! Sign up ASAP if you want in. The only category left open is 5K non-wetsuit, but they will let you switch to wetsuit if the water temps are below 68 (or you can just wear the wetsuit or only swim one lap if you're not up for the full distance).

Kahuna said...

Crud, Big Shoulders registration closed before I even heard it was open. Wish somebody would revive the Pirate Plunge event.

Kahuna said...

We are past the First Day of Spring and Lake Michigan water temp already up to 36 degrees -- can't be too much longer now, can it?