Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Blues

It be hard times for a snow lovin' pirate. During the off season for swimming in the Lake I like to spend as much time as possible on a different kind of white water - snow. But this winter stinks if ye be a snow lover! So I've been spending way too much time drowning my sorrows in rum, crying in my beer, and wallowing in self pity. No lake to swim in, no snow to ski on, nothing on TV but Downton Abbey (gag!), and a bunch of idiots running for president calling each other names (puke!).

So, looking for a little something to cheer myself up, I start thinking about the upcoming swim season, and I take a peek at the blog, maybe someone has put some good pictures or good comments out there. What do I see? A picture of Gumdrop prancing through the surf on New Years Day in a top hat, bow tie, and budgie smuggler. I walk into the kitchen and stick my head in the oven. Note to self: putting your head in an electric oven doesn't work particularly well.

So, I ask Siri to direct me to the nearest high bridge so I can jump off, when "ding" up pops a message from Crash, suggesting a midwinter crew rendezvous at the Pirate's Kitchen (aka California Pizza Kitchen.

Excellent idea! Just the thing to chase the blues away. Who be with us? Leave a comment with possible days.

P.S. Here's a picture of Kahuna and me from his "Greater Shorewood Bikers" winter outing recently. Which got me to thinking, maybe we need a "Greater Shorewood Swimmers". I'm sure the people that live near Klode will be thrilled to learn that they actually reside in "Greater Shorewood".


Nolan Peterson said...

Hello! I'm a journalist for the Medill News Service. I'd love to do a video piece about the next time you take a polar plunge in Lake Michigan. It sounds like it make a great visual story. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Nolan Peterson

Kahuna said...

Wow. A journalist looked at the pictures of you guys on News Year's Day, and he wants to make video. What kind of sick, perverted bastard is he? That said, any body signed up to do the Polar Plunge at McKinley Marina this Saturday, March 3? (Benefits Special Olympics.)

Gumdrop said...

Well, Patriarch, I have to agree it has been a very sad winter here. No mini ice bergs to jump off into the lake. It seems like just yesterday that Diablo and I were swimming off of snow/ice banks. Is it any wonder one can only "prance" around despondently in the surf without a little berg to aim for?

Hey Nolan, Thanks for the offer, but maybe we need to sweeten the deal a little. Whats in it for us? Got any hot leads on a Killepitsch pissin mermaid? I'm guessing that would stand a good chance of reeling Patriarch in, and maybe a couple of others as well!

Jeff said...

I would jump in the freezing lake for a Kellogg MBA.

Beth said...

Did the CPK outing happen? If not, any Wednesday night works for me.