Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hearty Soles

Next Swims: 3:30pm Sunday & 12pm Monday
Last Swim: 1pm Saturday, May 28
Water Temp: 50
Water Clarity: Cloudy
Waves: none / current from south
Air Temp: 65 & Cloudy
Crew: Kahuna & Capt'n with guest appearances from The Patriarch, Diablo, Padre & Sir James

What!?!?! Could sanity be prevailing for some members of the the Klode Crew??? Ignoring the calls of the Lady of the Lake, The Patriarch and Padre along with wetsuitless crew members Diablo and Sir James declined to set sail from the Klode shoreline this afternoon. ...although with a water temp of just 50 and nare an adventure to speak of for the past 6 month the shock of embarking on an adventure today would surely be more than most mere mortals can tolerate.

Now I'm not saying that those who did embark on today's swim adventure are more than mortal....I'll just leave that up to you to decide the words that best describe us. :)

There was never any doubt today that Kahuna was enamoured by the call of the Lady. Immediately upon arriving on the beach he climbed into his wetsuit....not even batting an eye when The Patriarch officially proclaimed the water temperature to be 50.4...and seconded by the Captn-o-meter.

Today's journey retraced the strokes of Sunday skin swim adventure. Pretty amazing when you consider that the water temp was nearly 10 degrees cooler and Kahuna was swimming in a sleeveless wetsuit. (Although he did have arm warmers on...) The water was relatively calm although there was a distinct current pushing up from the south.

The plan for Sunday is to return at 3:30pm to test the waters again. If you're reluctant to come out Sunday just to toe test the water....don't worry. We'll have a bottle (...or two...) of Killepitsch along with us to warm you (...or your toe if you don't walk the plank...) back up.

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The Patriarch said...

The great thing about the Captain is you're never quite sure what he means. Hearty Soles? Did he misspeak, or is it a clever joke? Did he misspell "soul", or is he comparing himself to the bottom of my foot? Or (most likely, I think), is he calling himself a bottom feeding fish? Or maybe he means he's one of a kind, which is true of course.