Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November Cruise

Water: 51.4

Air: mid 50s, slight SSW breeze
Waves: flat but surface ruffled by breeze, current heading north
Clarity: Pretty clear
Last swim: 6:30 a.m. Tuesday
Kru:  Lydia the Tattooed Lady, Corryn, Mr. Anonymous, Dragonfly
Shore Support:  Woman with many questions 

Photo by TTL
Despite the clear SSW breeze, we headed north. The water was dark.  Mr. A took off first in lava shorts and skin.  We followed in full wetsuits (mine sleeveless) with gloves and booties.  Corryn swam to the Cute Chairs; Amelia to the Snowy Peaks of Mt. Jackass, and myself to the Birches.  I was first back and Mr. A was already gone.
But there to keep me company was a woman with many questions.  Usually quite responsive to random queries, I never even glanced at her as I concentrated on getting a) out of wetsuit and b) into dry clothes.  I was having trouble focusing on exactly what to do next.  Everything looked different now in the light.
"So, did you swim?" the woman asked.  "Wetsuit or drysuit?"
"Is that a wetsuit?"
"Do you have a dry suit?"
Did I?  That's right, not anymore.  "No."
"Will you be here a month from now?"
"I don't know."  (It's none of her business, TTL commented later.)
"So will you need a dry suit in December?"
And so on til she wandered off.
A red sun peeped over the sill as I  flung my belongings about and danced around my blanket, searching out a sand-free spot.  TTL and Corryn rejoined me and we shivered and struggled as a group.  Corryn and I broke out Hot Snaps.  Then we labored back up the hill.
"Three workouts," noted Corryn.  "The swim, getting dressed, and going up this hill."


eric jernberg said...

swam noonish 52.7 flat clear to mansion wall
very nice

Dolphina said...

So. Anybody in yet today? I'm into the waves if the temps and currents are doable. Just got back from Lake Superior so I am acclimated with an A. But alas! I missed to balmy part of yesterday. So, are we brawny or are we daft?

Other Dave said...

Bobber here. Stopped in for support today after watching huge winds and rain blow through upper Klode. Discovered Luna with daughter on beach safe & sound. Itch & Brick heading home from the south. Those three were in command of their environment, awesome to observe. Water temp mid 40’s. Dolphina … definitely not daft.

Dolphina said...

A spectacular vision of some fine swimming! Yes!

eric jernberg said...

anyone doing 8am Sunday ?


Lauren said...

Big sale on wetsuits and open water gear!


Synchro said...

anyone up for some Gnip Gnop?

jamie said...

hells yeah!!!!